The Dreamy Dad Next Door

Without further ado, it’s time to start recapping some dates!

Where I found him: Tinder

Date number: 1

What we did: Went for beers at a local dive with live music.

Feelings going in: Anxious, excited, and a little nervous. This was not only my first date of 2017, it was my first date in more than a year. (I know, I know!) I was anxious because I tend to have a bit of social anxiety no matter what I’m doing. From the few days we’d been chatting on Tinder, I could tell he had a playful personality, which I love. That made me excited. Since I can be shy meeting new people, it helps bring me out of my shell a bit when they’re outgoing and fun. And of course I was nervous. See above for how long it’d been since I’d been on a date.Read More »