The Quiet Chemist

Where I found him: Bumble (first)

Date number: 1

What we did: Impromptu day drinks and tacos.

Feelings going in: Lots of curiosity. I couldn’t get a good read on him through our online chats, but it seemed like there could be a fun dude hiding somewhere in our messages.

The date: A few days after my date with DDND, I made plans to meet up with the Quiet Chemist. QC and I had been chatting off and on for about a week or so on Bumble. I couldn’t get a read on him or really tell how interested he was. I did my damndest to make him laugh and think I was successful a few times. It was a lazy weekend morning, and I decided to set up an OKCupid profile. (Side note: I have set up profiles on basically every app you can think of, since I’m still trying to figure out where the boys are *cue music* in Nashville.) I stumbled across QC’s profile. I was notified that he was looking at my profile too, so I sent him a message on Bumble calling us both out. We chatted a bit and decided to meet up for tacos and adult bevvies that afternoon.

If you have never created an OKC profile for yourself, you might not know about all of the user-generated content. (That’s some marketing speak about the feature where users can create questions that others have the option to answer. Based on your answers, OKC will calculated your match percentage with others who have answered the same questions.) Because these profiles are more in-depth than Bumble, I was able to learn a bit more about the Quiet Chemist before our date. I got nervous for a minute based on some of his answers, thinking that he might not dig what I was selling in person. I shook it off, knowing that no matter what happened, I had another date lined up with someone else a few days later. It IS a numbers game after all.

I got ready and headed to Edgehill. I barely beat him (2 for 2 is a rarity for me, I’m usually late for life) and we grabbed a table when he arrived. He was a bit reserved (as I kind of expected) and I knew I’d be forced out of my comfort zone to lead the conversation a bit on this one. Considering how shy I can be on first dates, this was actually great practice for me. Thanks universe!

QC was also relatively new to Nashville, so we talked about how we were both meeting people in the area, work, pets, and hobbies. There were some laughs, not as many as I would’ve liked, but that’s life. At times it seemed like he was holding his laughter in, and I wanted to shake him and tell him to loosen up. I wanted to say, “I get it! Let’s order more drinks and unwind a little.”

He refused to let me split the check (points) and walked me back to my car where we exchanged numbers and a hug. Despite his reserve, I could tell he was a good guy and I did have a nice time. I feel like I gained a newfound appreciation for men who’ve sat on the other side of the table, opposite my quiet nature, wondering if I was interested in them at all. Sorry past first dates; I’m getting better at it! We texted a bit more that afternoon, and I wondered if we would end up getting together again. I knew I would be fine with whatever ended up happening. He was nice and I could tell he was someone who definitely takes a while to get to know.

What surprised me: How much he reminded me of me on past dates – uber shy and a bit reserved.

Have you been out with someone you couldn’t quite put your finger on? How’d you crack the shell to see more of his/her personality shine through?


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