The Dreamy Dad Next Door

Without further ado, it’s time to start recapping some dates!

Where I found him: Tinder

Date number: 1

What we did: Went for beers at a local dive with live music.

Feelings going in: Anxious, excited, and a little nervous. This was not only my first date of 2017, it was my first date in more than a year. (I know, I know!) I was anxious because I tend to have a bit of social anxiety no matter what I’m doing. From the few days we’d been chatting on Tinder, I could tell he had a playful personality, which I love. That made me excited. Since I can be shy meeting new people, it helps bring me out of my shell a bit when they’re outgoing and fun. And of course I was nervous. See above for how long it’d been since I’d been on a date.Read More »

Pretty much this.

@batoshka1. You get defensive every time you like someone. Because you’re guarded or you don’t want to get hurt so your body enters into defensive mode blocking you from being approachable, soft or vulnerable. 2. You think everyone is like your ex. You think everyone is going to treat you the way your ex treated…

via 10 Ways You’re Blocking Love From Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are) — Thought Catalog